For 6 Generations

2-star Hotel
Le Commerce
in Amou.

Near the village square with its hundred-year-old plane trees, the Hotel Le Commerce is a landmark establishment in Amou, permanently etched in the village’s history yet constantly being updated.


The establishment, run by the Darracq family since 1850, has been handed down from one generation to the next for 6 generations.

Over the years and decades, history has been written within these walls. The restaurant has evolved from a country inn offering only one dish a day, to a gourmet restaurant where a countless number of sauce dishes are part of a menu offering a vast selection. The stable, deserted after the arrival of automobiles, has been transformed into a ballroom. As for the hotel, it has seen old chamber pots replaced by bathrooms, followed by the arrival of smaller and smaller TV screens, a WiFi connection, etc.

Even if the amenities and recipes have evolved over time, the establishment has always kept its soul. Pleasure is first and foremost here whether it’s sharing an enjoyable moment or a good meal in a friendly easy-going atmosphere.


Present since the 1980s, Jean-Jacques, son of the legendary Jacky Darracq, and his wife Sylvie took over the helm of the Le Commerce Hotel in 1997.

While perpetuating the tradition of hospitality and authenticity, they’ve lightened up the decor and the menu to keep up with the times and get back to basics.

A quarter of a century later, Sylvie has been running the business since her husband retired. And she still welcomes customers with the same pleasure and a smile on her face. Always on the go yet available, she pays attention to every detail so that the magic continues and everyone feels good, employees and customers alike.