Darracq & Amou – a Love Story

2-star Hotel
Le Commerce
in Amou.

Would you like to know more about how the establishment is closely linked to the history of Amou?

The book Darracq, une histoire d’Amou(r) will answer your questions.


No one really knows. According to Darracq’s history, we are sure of one thing – I have not always been called Darracq…
My building is said to be about two centuries old, but my history could only be traced back to the middle of the 19th century, when I belonged to the Ducamp family, a dynasty of bakers. […].”

“Around 1900 and long after that, there were no restaurants in the countryside. Inns offered one or two dishes of the day, usually very hearty ones, served on large shared tables. Chez Marlus, a real country inn, a seasonal dish was served all day long. The layout of the place was the same as today with the bar in the first room and the large dining room by the fireplace. […]”

“Just by glancing at the menu, these vacationers take a tour of the Aquitaine region. You’ll find Bayonne ham, elvers from Peyrehorade, Bordeaux-style blueback herring, wood pigeons, quails, pheasants and hares of all kinds, without forgetting the inevitable duck and its infinite Landes-style variations.

“We ate in those days!”, we recall somewhat nostalgically. “Never-ending menus that would make Bocuse pale in comparison”, Bernard Lagière adds mischievously. […].”

The book Darracq, une histoire d’Amou(r) is available for sale on site.
In the meantime, you can download a long excerpt from it.