Things to do in Chalosse

2-star Hotel
Le Commerce
in Amou.

Amou, in Chalosse, is located between the sea and the mountains, between Bordeaux and Spain… Le Commerce Hotel encourages you to learn about the history and traditions of this hilly region.


Le Commerce Hotel is located in Amou, an ancient medieval village. Don’t miss the Château d’Amou, now a private estate, or canoeing along the Luy de Béarn. The more adventurous can even try a microlight flight!

Several activities are available in the surrounding villages:

Museum area on a major prehistoric site, with a major archaeological collection as well as live workshops.
The Limousin route (via Saint-Sever and Hagetmau in particular) and the Puy en Velay route (via Miramont-Sensacq and Pimbo) crosses the Chalosse region.
A former place of worship for many pilgrims going to Santiago de Compostela, a timeless peaceful haven.
Farm products and a tour of the “discovery farm”, a fun, educational and artistic trail.
Its 13th century bastide, discovery tour and the Chalosse Museum.
Learn about the earthenware heritage, with all its manufacturing and decorative secrets.
Medieval city with a Benedictine abbey listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
A stately 17th century home, unique in its architecture, with a plantarium and a botanical garden.

All of Chalosse can also be explored on Terra Aventura scavenger hunts or guided by a greeter, an enthusiastic local!


Culture & Heritage

Mayades, ferias, courses landaises (an ancient form of bull leaping)… festivals are often at the forefront here!
Keep in mind that work was hard in the past, and any chance to celebrate was welcome. To learn about life in the Landes in the 19th century, don’t miss the Marquèze Ecomuseum in Sabres.
And in some villages, you’ll also find magnificent bastides, abbeys or arenas.

Gourmet food

Is it really necessary to present the specialities of the Landes?
With its ducks and free-range chickens, Chalosse beef, sand carrots, Adour kiwis and asparagus, the department has been the birthplace of quite a few famous recipes.
But beyond foie gras or duck confit, have you heard of pastis cake or a tourtière?

Thermal spas

The Landes is renowned for its thermal spas, especially in Dax or Préchacq-les-Bains (30 km from the hotel) or Eugénie-les-Bains (40 km from the hotel). Whether you’re looking for a relaxing mini-treatment or a therapeutic one, come and be pampered!


Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and its fine sandy beaches, the Landes is full of natural treasures.
Between forests, lakes, ponds and flood plains, there are several nature reserves to explore.
These areas will delight park lovers as much as sportsmen and women…



15 km from Le Commerce Hotel, Orthez, the former capital of Béarn, unveils its medieval charms. On its outskirts, Lac de Biron has many activities for both young and old such as walking, swimming, a playground, sports activities, etc.

With a completely different style, Salies-de-Béarn, 25 km from Amou, is well worth a visit. It’s nicknamed the Venice of Béarn. But Béarn also has diverse landscapes, between waterways, plains and Pyrenees valleys, ideal for all kinds of hiking.

Basque Country

Bayonne or Saint-Jean de Luz are barely 1 hour away by car.

Another direction, another culture, and another language – the Basque Country is a world of its own. Here, tradition greatly revolves around sea fishing, sports (Basque pelota and rugby) and food (Espelette pepper, ewe’s milk cheese, Bayonne chocolate, etc.).

And then, just over the border, Spain awaits you…